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03/27/2012 NECROSADIK "Endlosung" CD-R
03/25/2012 AFFLICTION "Eyes of terror" Tape
03/25/2012 AFFLICTION "Eyes of terror" CD-R
03/23/2012 SATIFER "Satifer" CD-R
03/22/2012 KEASMONIC HERITAGE "Metos" Tape
03/22/2012 Vultuus - Tumulo Adormecido Tape
03/21/2012 ОМУТЪ МОРА "Ъ" CD-R
03/20/2012 Mortal Wish - Occultum CD
03/20/2012 Omfalos - Idiots Savants CD
03/20/2012 Malkuth - Strongest CD