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11/11/2023 Doom "Doom" Tape
09/22/2023 GRUNE MAAR "Visions" Tape
09/11/2023 Nesamovyt - Tristia Tape
09/07/2023 Trebuchet Patch Merchandise
08/08/2023 URLUK "Loss" Tape
08/05/2023 TULPA Patch Merchandise
08/05/2023 Tulpa "Tulpa" Tape
08/05/2023 Tulpa "Fantasia" Tape
07/02/2023 -5°C "RUHIYAH" Tape
07/02/2023 -5°C "NEW NORM" Tape
07/02/2023 -5°C "LAYANGKASA" Tape
06/03/2023 Plunder Swarm "One's Hour" CD-R
06/03/2023 Akshoogkh'h "Last Ritual" CD-R