About us


We are a small independent underground online label / store specializing in Black Metal, Dark Ambient, Dungeon Synth and Noise, mostly in raw, harsh, lo-fi and atmospheric form of sound. We make releases in various familiar forms: cd, cd-r, audio cassettes, vinyl, as well as in some non-standard for many (but not for us): floppy diskettes, VHS cassettes, Ree-to-reels, microcassettes, 8-track tapes etc. We believe that real music, whose exclusive sign is sincerity, could be born only in underground. We support primal underground music which should not be liked by everybody and does not apply to everyone.  In this way we remain independent, honest and sincere in our path and activity.


First of all we insist that before you apply to us with your proposal about releasing the album/demo of your band, you must have a good look at our website and check our facebook page to get a general idea of what we released, what we distribute, what we offer and what you can expect. Better, if you already have some of our latest releases (and we highly recommend getting some of them if you already still have not), so you can understand in which way we make releases and feel the quality of them. This way will help us to avoid wasting time dealing with bands that have extravagant and unrealistic expectations or just with some idiots.

We are a label that supports the bands without looking at their “cvlt” or “shit” status somewhere in the depths of underground or/and in human fantasies/rumors. So, no need tell us, that your demo received positive reviews somewhere in the past, about your "mega-studio-recording-quality" or "technical-as-fuck-riffs". It does not impress us. We are out of the standards. We have own brain and own taste and if we release something – we really say “Fuck off!” to everyone who doesn’t like it, because the most important thing is that WE LIKE what we hear and that we can feel the atmosphere behind music.

How to present us with your recordings? Simply send us an email or contact via facebook with a link to soundcloud or bandcamp of your band and write a few words about your music. Please do not attach mp3 files to email/message. We promise that we'll listen to all the promos that we received in our message box. If your music is accepted by us - we will send you our "Standard Info" which clearly outlines our deal. If not - we will reply to you also.

Last but not least: We are not responsible for any idiots who try to "exist" in this world. So, use your own mind and do not become part of the herd. Remember: If you have doubts would your band fit into our label concept, then it does not.
We don’t try to distribute our releases everywhere in this world. So, we do not have guaranteed distribution in your country. Almost all our releases are very limited and available directly from us, so we don’t need big distribution help. If you can not find some of our releases in your local distributors – you can always order directly from us. Our distribution side is more tolerant for the other styles of music. Our webshop mainly focused on Black Metal, Death Metal and Dark Ambient/Dungeon Synth releases! But, we also distribute classic old hard rock, rock'n'roll, heavy metal, gothic rock, punk rock, experimental electronics, true classical music, old soviet rock bands, folk bands and bards, whole Ukrainian (mostly underground) music (from native folk and fairtales to experimental pop, rock and electronics) etc. Also we sell various vintage tapes (from 90' and early 2000) that were released in post-soviet countries and eastern europe. Distribution items are NOT made by our label, but only distributed via our shop. Each band is responsible for their own statements, so, we may not always agree with the statements and ideology of bands that are in our distribution list. Anyway we don't apologize or make excuses for the ideology or content of the bands that presented in our shop. So, if you don’t like something in our shop – this is just your own discontent and no need to tell us about that. We were, will and still spread all we want.

We do not announce our releases and do not impose them to anyone. We do not advertise our releases everywhere on the forums and other internet places. We are not interested in reviews, as we know and understand that no one can fully understand the concept of the band’s release better than its creator and we're tired of people who listen to all styles of music and have a very superficial imagination about Black Metal and its essence, but who try to reason about it. Black Metal is more than just music! We understand the uselessness of reviews about underground black metal music. But we can also understand that reviews are a way to help some of our bands to promote their albums. In this case, it is better if you contact the band directly. We are open for selective interviews with our bands, but we can not guarantee this, due each band can have their own attitude to that. We are open for selective compilations – feel free to send us your proposals. We are open for internet radio, but only if it is within the underground Black Metal or Ambient music. And last but not least - we talk here about digital promos only, so never ask us about physical promos. We do not do gifts. Respect yourself and have pride not to beg.

We are always open for trades. If you have a huge trade list – contact us. Remember: we are open to any underground styles of music for our distribution, but Black Metal, Noise & Ambient are preferred. It doesn't mean that we're ready to take everything you offer. We trade just with labels which we want. So, we can not guarantee that your offer will interest us or our offer will interest you. If you offer the trade but we know nothing about your activity, be ready to send your package first. Never send something before the deal is confirmed. If you do – we will consider this as a gift. You must be responsible for the arrival of your package and the good condition of your stuff.
Labels, distributors as well as just individuals can buy our releases (and some distro items) at wholesale prices. If you are willing to take 5-10 or more copies per one title, you can ask for wholesale prices for CDs, CDRs, Patches. No wholesale prices for Cassettes.