CLAWFINGER - Clawfinger '97

Moon Records.
Ukrainian licensed edition.

Clawfinger is Clawfinger's third studio album, released on 29 September 1997 through WEA and MVG labels.

The first song on the album is "Two Sides", which expanded the band's reach by using female choir
vocals and a Middle Eastern sound. The rest of the album continues with
the band's typical aggressive voice and socio-political lyrics.

Clawfinger contains twelve songs with an additional three
bonus tracks on the limited edition. Three singles were released
(detailed below) and two videos ("Biggest & the Best" and "Two

The album was named after the band because the band members could not
agree on a title. Zak Tell said in interviews that upon seeing the
printed sleeve (when it was too late) he had the title idea "Third Time
Lucky" and wished he had thought of it in time. This title was relevant
as the cover depicts a gun's barrel with a single bullet that would
probably be fired on pulling the trigger for the third time, as well as
the album being the band's third album.

Clawfinger was a heavy metal band from Sweden. Clawfinger is known for aggressive but melodic music and tackling political and anti-racist themes in their songs.

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