ATMOSFEAR #26 Magazine

On 120 glossy pages with the high-quality typographical print you as always can find the interviews with the bands like: Onslaught official, Napalm Death, Darkenhöld, Druknroll, Bezmir, Butterfly Temple, Omega Diatribe, Shattered Hope, Suffering Souls, Throane, Anmasker, UADA, ALONE IN THE MIST, Hagathorn, U.D.O., Дом Вдовы, Zgard, Slaughtbbath, Akhlys, VARDE, Vadikan, The Slayerking, Crépuscule d'Hiver, Arrogant Destruktor, NATURAL SPIRIT, PHARMACIST, Dark Psychosis, CONCEPTION, Aristarkh, JUDGEMENT, Marche Funèbre, Heaven Shall Burn, ENSOM, Cyanide Grenade, Wills Dissolve, Voroth, PIGSTY, DEATHINCARNATION, ODEM, Setoml, Gromadah, Hallowed Butchery, Natura Morta, Contaminated , GRIFFON, Enemy Crucifixion, Dysphoria, Spectrale, KRAKEM DVVMVIRATE, RAME, Descend into Despair, Edoma, In Cauda Venenum, STEAM HAMMER, TRIDENT, RUMOURS.
In 2020 there was a 15th anniversary of founding the biggest doom metal label in Russia called Solitude Productions. We join the numerous congratulations and present to our readers an exclusive interview with the fathers of label.

As a tradition you can read several hundred professional reviews on new
albums releasing via home and foreign labels. Also you can find the
advertisement of our partners to know about the newcomers in the music

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