FESTERGUTS - Heritage Of Putrescent

"Heritage Of Putrescent" is the first full length album from one of
the eldest death metal Russian bands (formed back in 1993). This album
consists of re-recorded songs which were previously released on MCs
(mainly during
the 90's). Despite the fact that the songs were created a considerably
long time ago and also represent different years, the album's sound is
rather fresh and powerful. Musically, the album is made in FESTERGUTS'
trademark style - old school death metal with keyboard and operatic
soprano backing vocals. Such combination allows to make the sound
monumental with a gloomier feel.

The album's title is fully reflected not only in their music but also
in the cover art. A family, in a fit of madness, is eating the guts of
their late relative. The cover artwork

Price: 9.00€