Rún ‎– Крізь Кордон = Over The Border

The band RÚN (Rún – from Gaelic: secret, intention, motion (of a dialog);
in the word-combination a rún – my love, my dear) was founded in 2001
as a result of its members’ "Celtic mania" and their striving for
creative activity. Since then we perform traditional music of Celtic
peoples in the form it exists nowadays, focusing primarily on Irish
music. We study the authentic performance manner and try to play our
repertoire on traditional instruments. Beside frequent gigs played in
their native Kiev, the band performed successfully in concert halls,
pubs and clubs of many other Ukrainian cities, as well as in Moscow,
St-Petersburg, Belgorod (Russia) and Minsk (Belarus). Throughout the
band’s existence, RÚN participated in numerous musical and historical
festivals as well as in cultural and artistic events held both in
Ukraine and in neighboring countries. The band’s members met with
authentic Irish music performers abroad and attended workshops on
playing the traditional musical instruments. RÚN works in close
cooperation with Kiev Irish and Scottish dance schools, organizes joint
performances and folk dance master-classes. The latest large-scope event
in the band’s history was its solo concert in one of the largest halls
in Kiev (The Cultural Center of Military Forces) on November 1, 2008.
The concert, dedicated to the presentation of the band’s latest album
"Samhein", turned into an enchanting spectacle of music, dance and
light. The band invited its best friends and colleagues to be its guests
on stage. Moscow Celtic harpist Anastasia Papisova, "Shannon River" and
"Unicorn" schools of Scottish and Irish dances, "Firedance" dancing
studio and "Proty Nochi" ("Against the night") fire-show theater were
among them. The band actively supports and implements live music
performance traditions, so the visitors of Irish pubs in Kiev and other
cities often have an opportunity to enjoy RÚN’s gigs. For instance, the
band became "permanent residents" of the oldest and the "Irishest" Kiev
pub "O’Brian’s". Beside that, the band promotes another Irish tradition,
adopted in most countries, namely, holding Irish traditional music
sessions. Every Sunday the session take place in the hospitable
"Patrick" pub, gathering together the musicians from different cities
and countries. Nature is the most "natural" inspiration source for
playing such music. Fresh air, mountain landscapes and seashores bring
peace of mind and always help to feel the roots. We can always take
acoustic instruments with us and play them anywhere. We enjoy getaways
far from urban environment and the music stays with us. The band is not
indifferent to the environmental issues. We often play acoustic
concerts, which do not involve electric power consumption.
The band recorded three albums:

Kid on the Mountain (2005), Over the Border (2006), Samhein (2008).

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