MY DARKEST FURY - Hectic Existence

We would like to bring to your attention the second full-length album
by MY DARKEST FURY (Vologda). The band has already approved itself and
stuck in memory of metal fans with previously released material. The new
album will definitely consolidate the position of My Darkest Fury as a
leader of the domestic extreme metal scene! “Hectic Existence” is an
extremely impressive and fresh vision of contemporary metal world, a
powerful musical canvas consisting of groovy sledgehammer guitar riffs
following the best traditions of groove and death metal, a fury and
anger of metal core in each note of the album, a surprisingly wide range
of vocals – from screaming and growling to clean singing and, after
all, just really good and catchy melodies and songsthroughout the whole
album! Obvious contender to the title of the best modern death metal.

Price: 8.00€