MISTWEAVER - Nocturnal Bloodshed

The fifth long-awaited album by the melodic
death metal quintet from Spain demonstrates a new stage of musical
development of the band. The style of Mistweaver on the new album is
much heavier and darkerresulting from the low tuned guitars and slowed
down tempo of the songs. Epic keyboard lines and slow powerful guitar
riffs became more prominent in the structure of the songs adding
melancholic and gothic flare to the sound of the Spanish band. At the
same time Mistweaver preserve their inherent melodism once borrowed from
Scandinavian death metal bands as well as a calling card of the band –
impressive and deep growling of the irreplaceable vocalist Raul
Weaver along with female vocal lines untypical for death metal! Thanks
sound engineer maestro Dan Swanö (Edge of Sanity, Nightingale,
Bloodbath) the album sounds really heavy

Price: 10.00€