DIABOLISM - Concealed craft

Heathen Black Metal from Bulgaria


Style: Black Metal

Sound: "Tristia"

Information: The final chapter of the Bulgarian Black Metal
legend... The material was recorded during 2000 - 2002 in Plovdiv and
Bourgas. In the recirdings of the vocals takes part Sirlon (Dark
Inversion, Key To Insanity) and Belfegor (Dark Inversion, Reunion,
Severia). This is the last release of Deimoz (guitars), Agarvaen (vocals
and bass) and Angrist (drums) before their split up...
"Concealed Craft" was released in 2003 in limited edition and was spread
among the musican's friends... Re-released in 2006 in association
between DOP and IMSB.

Price: 8.00€