The Earwigs - Outsider Noiser

Experimental ambient from USA


The Earwigs’ Outsider Noiser is under Mandarangan Recordings – a
Chicago-based noise label owned by a Jason Vizmanos of Insomnia. It
contains 15 anti-earplug tracks. The tracks are generally random
deconstruction of melodies; very upfront and confronting. Outsider
Noiser is a hodgepodge of sonic uprising which defies the conventional
structure and elements of music. The final track “Challenge From The
Black Knight” is my favorite part of this album. It starts with sampled
vocals which sounds like an intergalactic warhead declaring “You can not
fight and win…” It fades in with confusing and blistering riffs with
dismantling interplay of creaking noise which drifts above coarse
electro beats. Then it settles with samples culled from a classic
pinball video game.
Crispin Garcimo / GAZ WEBZINE

Price: 6.00€