CURSE OF WOTAN - This world ends

Runenstein Productions.

Acoustic Pagan folk / ambient, at times recorded in the wilderness from SWEDEN. Limited to 100 copies.

Side project of Satanic Tony (Demorian, Doomsday Prophet, Fleshcrawler, Frostgripen, Headless Berserkers, Luciferian Blood, Slaktpest, Wintercold, Woe Is the Accursed Earth, Tragic Serenade, ex-Affliction, ex-Camazotz, ex-Corpestor, ex-Cryptic Death, ex-Equinox, ex-Killteam, ex-Nostalgie Depression, ex-Pazuzu, ex-Curse, ex-Obey,
Magiska Krafter, ex-Curse of Wotan, ex-Darkness Finder, ex-Exotic
Flower, ex-Kollaps, ex-No Agony, ex-Satanic Ritual, ex-Tales).

Price: 7.15€