QUETZALQOATL - Uitzilopochtli

The first full-length album by a death metal project dedicated to the
ancient Aztec civilization. The lyrics narrate on the great epochs of
death and rebirth of the worlds described in Aztec mythology. The title
track tells the legend of Uitzilopochtli – the god of the sun and war,
the patron of Tenochtitlan. His sister Coyolxauhqui conspired to kill
his mother angered by the manner by which she became impregnated.
Uitzilopochtli burst forth from his mothers womb in full armor and
killed Coyolxauhqui and many of his 400 brothers and sisters. Then he
threw the decollated head of his sister into the sky, and it became the
moon, while his brothers and sisters thrown after Coyolxauhqui became
the stars. This legend explains the everyday rising of the sun which
defeats the moon and the stars.

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