AMUSUK "Fear of the forest"

AMUSUK "Fear of the forest"
Dark Ambient from Indonesia.
CDR limited to 40 copies.

DVD case cover + printed CDR

"Amusuk is a my black metal solo project which was established in 2011,
before I make amusuk solo project, I helped my friend in his band called
ornithes, where I play guitar, piano & drums cymbals in several
recordings. This music contains elements of the forest, the darkness,
the character of fiction, fantasy and mythology. here I bring musical
instruments more darkness. I created t
song based on the things I’ve ever experienced in the world, even that
has not and can not be happening. I was inspired by Norwegian black
metal musicians. I play piano, guitar, drums and vocals. Sometimes I
play music on the theme of depression. I make songs for myself, only a
few that I gave to the public. I do not like recording with a computer, I
used to record my songs with the phone or tape recorder. I use a gibson
les paul acoustic guitar owned by my cousin, and I use the piano from
my mobile phone for a few songs ..
" Lord amusuk


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