BEORN - The road goes ever on

Dungeon Synth / Dark Ambient
Wulfrune worxxx.

After ten
years oak barrel aging Iarwain Ben-adar's first and oldest musical
project is out now. Along with the drear and perishing Wayfarer, Beorn
reveals the sounds, moods and feelings of Middle-earth. Open your ears,
listen Beorn's The Road Goes Ever On, pick up your wandering stick, and
explore the infinite fields, older than old woods, peaks over clouds and
pitchblack stifling mines. As Tom Bombadil said: "Now let the song
begin! Let us sing together! Of sun, stars, moon and mist, rain and
cloudy weather, Light on the budding leaf, dew on the feather, Wind on
the open hill, bells on the heather".

All songs by Iarwain Ben-adar (composed: 2007-2017) except:

- Track 1. by Wayfarer.

- Track 7. originally by Burzum covered by Beorn.

- Track 8. originally by Burzum covered by Wayfarer.
Price: 7.99€