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05/18/2013 TCHORT "Infernal death machine" CD-R, Sinful
05/15/2013 SCYLLA "Nascency" CD-R
05/06/2013 Unuseful Life - No ! CD-R
05/06/2013 NEBELTOD - In mir Gefangen CD-R
05/04/2013 LILLY "Romantic Utopias" CD-R
05/04/2013 GORDUW - XV CIF. Revenge! CD-R
05/03/2013 Trou "Nebelsturm" Tape
05/03/2013 Trou "Nebelsturm" CD-R
05/03/2013 UNIT+ASS "bRUTAL dEATH" CD-R
04/30/2013 Save the tape Patch Merchandise
04/29/2013 ECHO OF EMPTINESS "Silence" CD-R
04/27/2013 NRYY "ONI" Tape
04/27/2013 Black Folly "Reminiscence" Tape
04/26/2013 Black Folly "Reminiscence" CD-R