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05/21/2012 BLACK METAL NEGATIVISM patch (colors) Merchandise
05/21/2012 Nostalgiend "Overdrugses" Tape
05/20/2012 GURTHANG "Forgotten Deity" CD-R
05/17/2012 Nostalgiend "Overdrugses" CD-R
05/14/2012 AL-KAMAR "Abstract Spread" CD-R
05/14/2012 MORIBOND "Craving" Tape
05/12/2012 IM NEBEL "Vitriol" CD-R
05/11/2012 Raven "Animal Liberation" Tape
05/08/2012 Raven "Animal Liberation" CD-R
04/26/2012 I AM ESPER "Floating black" Tape
04/20/2012 COLD MOON "After midnight" Tape
04/18/2012 Erih "Erih" CD-R
04/16/2012 GEDANKEN "Loneliness" Tape