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04/01/2013 NIGHT "Lake of tears" CD-R
03/31/2013 ANIMAL MACHINE - Scapegoat CD-R
03/30/2013 EXlLED FROM LlGHT Patch Merchandise
03/30/2013 EMPEROR logo patch (colors) Merchandise
03/30/2013 OPETH patch Merchandise
03/30/2013 IRMINSUL patch Merchandise
03/29/2013 BLACK fucking METAL patch Merchandise
03/29/2013 THUNDERKRAFT "Totentanz" CD
03/27/2013 JOY DIVISION patch Merchandise
03/26/2013 NECRONOMICON sigil patch Merchandise
03/26/2013 Hecate Enthroned patch Merchandise
03/26/2013 SORROW "Misery Chapters" CD-R
03/26/2013 OSTIE "St. Augustine" CD-R
03/26/2013 Asphyx patch Merchandise
03/26/2013 ADA Y. - l Tape
03/24/2013 BACKPATCH: Wаrdrunа (Embroidered) Merchandise
03/21/2013 DSBM Patch (colors) Merchandise
03/21/2013 BLACK METAL rune patch Merchandise
03/21/2013 UNANlMATED Patch Merchandise
03/21/2013 BLACK METAL pentagram patch Merchandise
03/21/2013 TRUE BLACK METAL patch #666 Merchandise
03/21/2013 BLACK METAL / BURN YOUR... Patch Merchandise
03/20/2013 UNITED UNDER BANNER OF WAR - Compilation Tape, Compilations