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03/14/2012 Septic Flesh Patch Merchandise
03/14/2012 God Seed patch Merchandise
03/14/2012 The Ruins of Beverast patch Merchandise
03/14/2012 King Diamond Patch Merchandise
03/14/2012 KAMPFAR patch Merchandise
03/14/2012 Gravewоrm patch Merchandise
03/13/2012 Erlösung Patch Merchandise
03/13/2012 IM DRUNK FUCK YOU ALL Patch Merchandise
03/13/2012 IM SICK FUCK YOU ALL Patch Merchandise
03/13/2012 Suicide patch Merchandise
03/13/2012 NEST OF JUNGLY ORGIES - s/t Tape
03/12/2012 NOISES FROM THE VOID "(-)" Tape
03/12/2012 LOUD SILENCE "Vein hate" Tape
03/09/2012 AMUSUK "Empty" Tape
03/09/2012 AMUSUK "Empty" CD-R
03/04/2012 DEVIATOR "Uruz" CD-R
03/03/2012 PONTEFRACTUM MELANCHOLICUM Patch Merchandise
03/03/2012 NEGATIVE VOICE "Dissonance" CD-R
03/03/2012 QAYIN "Trauma" CD-R
02/29/2012 MY FAILURE "Failure" Tape
02/29/2012 NIGHT "Souls In The Air" Tape
02/29/2012 AH-PUCH "To a funeral" Tape
02/29/2012 GOAT THRON - Wyrd CD-R
02/29/2012 VOLVEN - Desiderium CD-R
02/26/2012 FAULEN "Human Deströyer" CD-R
02/26/2012 FAULEN "Herbstregen" CD-R
02/26/2012 FAULEN "Angstzustände" CD-R
02/26/2012 FAULEN "Years of suicide" CD-R
02/24/2012 NIGHT "Souls In The Air" CD-R
02/24/2012 AQUAM IGNI "Mutus liber" Tape
02/22/2012 ZYGMYTHKAUPT "Zygmythkaupt" Tape