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05/21/2013 L.C.B. "Cochinos" Unique Audio Formats
05/21/2013 Sahelanthropus "s/t" Unique Audio Formats
05/21/2013 i AM esper "Garnet" Tape
05/21/2013 i AM esper "Lux Lucis" Tape
05/20/2013 TG"War Metal Satan" Tape Tape
05/20/2013 Wolfnacht patch Merchandise
05/20/2013 TG "Dunklen Strassen" Tape Tape
05/20/2013 IMPERIAL "Chaos" Tape
05/20/2013 Leavеs' Eyеs Patch Merchandise
05/17/2013 SATURN FORM ESSENCE "6EQUJ5" Unique Audio Formats
05/17/2013 MHNUNRRN "24" Unique Audio Formats
05/15/2013 SCYLLA "Nascency" CD-R
05/13/2013 GORDUW - XVII CIF. SS Army CD-R
05/13/2013 TCHORT - Insult CD-R
05/13/2013 Inquisition patch Merchandise
05/12/2013 HELHEIM patch Merchandise
05/12/2013 In the woods... Patch Merchandise
05/12/2013 ENSLAVED patch Merchandise
05/11/2013 HASSMORD - Hetzjagd Inferno Tape