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07/30/2013 UNIT+ASS "bRUTAL dEATH" Tape
07/30/2013 TCHORT - Insult Tape
07/30/2013 CURD "Filthy" Tape
07/30/2013 TENTZONYO "Ancient Bearded" Tape
07/29/2013 Beherit patch Merchandise
07/29/2013 Mayhem - Chimera CD
07/27/2013 UTU - Imperivm CD-R
07/27/2013 Lеs Légiоns Nоires Patch Merchandise
07/27/2013 DEICIDE "Serpents of the Light" Patch Merchandise
07/26/2013 RINGBEARER patch Merchandise
07/26/2013 URUK-HAI patch Merchandise
07/26/2013 NEPTUNE T0WERS patch (colors) Merchandise
07/25/2013 SIGILS OF DEMONS (Various) patches Merchandise
07/25/2013 Bullet for my valentine Patch Merchandise
07/22/2013 Najand "The End" CD-R
07/22/2013 VitaI Remains Patch Merchandise
07/22/2013 HELHEIM patch Merchandise
07/21/2013 Osculum Infame Patch Merchandise
07/20/2013 URIAH HEEP - Wonderworld Tape
07/19/2013 Daemonificium "Demo l" Tape