On 124 pages with the high-quality typographical print you as always can find the exclusive interviews with the bands like: Adoperta Tenebris, Ancient sphereS, ANOTHERSIDE, Aorlhac, Astarium, BAGIRA, BESTIAL INVASION, CARVED IN STONE, CODE, Concrete Winds, Corpus Diavolis, CRUST, DEMIND, DIAMENTIANON, Doedsvangr, DOOMHEAD, DUSK, EFYD, Fecal Body Incorporated, FRAILTY, GOATPSALM, Häxkapell, HEGEMON, HELHEIM, Hoar Demigod, HUNGRY WOLF, If Nothing Is, Impure Declaration,INTAGLIO, LAMENT CHRIST, LICHTBLICK, Light of the Morning Star, Majestic Downfall, MALAMORTE, Megalith Levitation, Mental Torment, MOON, Mournful Gust, NervoChaos, Nine Treasures, OTARGOS, PARADOX, Path of Destiny, PERUNЪ, QuetzalQoatl, RAWRORR, RüYYn, Satan's Host, Shadow rebels, SIJJIN, Surturs Lohe, The Slow Death, TOTAL DEATH, Towards Atlantis Lights, VINCENT CROWLEY, Vulture Lord, АНАТОМИЯ МЕЛАНХОЛИИ, Aria_Official, ИЗМЕНА , ТРИГГЕР, ЧЁРНЫЙ ДОКТОР.
Also you are welcome to read the full analysis of the Children Of Bodom discography, the legendary band which mastermind ALEXI LAIHO died suddenly at 29th of December 2020.
As a tradition you can read several hundred professional reviews on new albums releasing via home and foreign labels. Also you can find the advertisement of our partners to know about the newcomers in the music industry.

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