ATMOSFEAR Magazine #23

Unique interviews with these bands as Abstract The Light, ÆRA, Agonija, Alberto Nemo, ALGOL, Anachronaeon, Aoratos, Ars Onirica, ARS NOCTURNA, At The Gates, Avantasia, BATTLE BEAST, Chinbjer, CIRCLE STORY, Crepuscolo, Desert Near The End, Evil Invaders, FRETTING OBSCURITY, Grenouer , Heaume Mortal, Hecate Enthroned, Helevorn, INIRA, Intra Spelaeum, Kaleikr, Kommandant, L’ACEPHALE, Lacrimas Profundere, LIGHT?, Lividity, Locus Titanic Funus, Malefic By Design, Malevolent Creation, MANIMAL, Mirror of Deception, Moloch Letalis, Monster Magnet, Mortiis, OMINATION, OMIT, Paragon Collapse, Pettalom, Phlebotomized, Sadist, Shrines Of Dying Light, SLEEPWALKER, SOLAR TEMPLE, SUFFEERING SOULS, Superlynx, SWAMP, Traumatomy, Triste Terre, VIRCOLAC, WALSUNG, Woebegone Obscured, ЗАТЕМНО, Тролль гнёт ель, ФАКТОТУМ. Recently Polish blasphemers Batushka has visited Kiyv, again got the full club of faithful listeners! Our reporter was on this gig and wrote the article about show. As a tradition you can read several hundred professional reviews on new albums releasing via home and foreign labels. Also, you can find the advertisement of our partners to know about the newcomers in the music industry.

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