ORKESTA EL MAKABEO - Uutanasia - En la luna 7'EP

Legendary Spanish punk bands La Polla Records and Eskorbuto covered by one of the most exciting salsa bands of Puerto Rico? Let José Ibáñez from Orquesta el Macabeo explain:

La Polla Records and Eskorbuto are two of the bands that have influenced me the most, on a musical and personal level, since I got into the punk scene in the mid-90s when I was 15 years old. 20 years later, I still think they are very special. I had the opportunity to meet Evaristo when I organized a show for La Polla Records in 2000. He is one of my favourite writers, he was definitely born to do what he does. With Eskorbuto, I have no doubts that if Iosu and Juanma were still alive they would be doing incredible things.

The songs by these bands transcend generations, and as Orquesta el Macabeo is a band formed by members that come from different musical genres, not necessarily or directly related to salsa, I think it's important to pay these bands a tribute and make these songs we love so much part of our own history. Music has no limits or barriers, and we show it this way: turning these two 100% punk songs into Latin tropical rhythms, while respecting the atmosphere of the original tracks.

Besides, they're just two amazing songs... A salsa track talking about euthanasia? It breaks from the stereotype of dancing, partying in the street, etc which has been so sung about in this genre and which people immediately associate with it.

Vampi Soul / Munster Records.

Price: 9.00€


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