NAEVUS – Backsaddling 7″EP

NAEVUS – Backsaddling 7″EP (4iB009)

Side A

1. Up a Hill

2. Aria/Acqua

Side B

1. Listing Instincts

2. Ego


– 7″ in Gatefold Cardboard Sleeve

– Limited Edition 200 Copies

– Individually Numbered (Vinyl, Sleeve and Cover Sticker)

Naevus has often been closely associated with the neofolk/darkfolk
genre, but this 7″ release attests much more to that perception by
demonstrating the versatility and diverse influence of the band. In this
current lineup comprising Lloyd James, Ben McLees and Hunter Barr, the 4
tracks in Backsaddling draw from a wide variety of musical
influences ranging from industrial; as a narrative intro that revisits a
passage in time in ‘Up A Hill’, intermixed with frontman Lloyd James’s
neofolk vocal style with further accompaniment of acoustic elements in
‘Listing Instincts’, and finally infused with electronics and
progressive post punk melodies of infectious guitar twangs and bass
riffs in ‘Aria/Acqua’ & ‘Ego’.

The tracks are well written and harmoniously arranged that they defy a
static genre definition. This can be attributed to Lloyd
James’s extensive exposure to acts from across all genres and styles by
being an active contributor in the music circle. Other than performing
as a solo acoustic artist, Lloyd has been a prolific participant in many
other experimental, post industrial, post punk and neofolk bands as a
guest vocalist, percussionist and guitarist. Some of them
include Knifeladder, Kirlian Camera, Sol Invictus, Sorrow/Rose McDowall,
Sieben, Albin Julius & Friends, Andrew King, While Angels Watch,
Fire + Ice, Mushroom’s Patience and more. Hence, be expected to discover
the remnants of these acts being reinvented, rehashed and re-presented
in a unique combination of genres in a style that is uniquely Naevus.

Price: 10.00€