Moloch / Gurthang - split 7"

Moloch / Gurthang - split 7"
Atmospheric Dark and bearing a distinctly menacing tranquillity from Moloch, the two tracks
here are cold and atmospheric Black Metal / Ambient pieces. The synth-based soundscapes are as
inviting as they are captivating, the vocals that hang in the pulsating
and ceremonial air of ‘Unendlichkeit’ (‘Infinity’) bring a
simultaneously melancholic and tortured depth to this enchanting track.
Both tracks are imposing, haunting and fascinating.

Gurthang’s Doom Metal trackrings to mind Anathema circa 1995’s Silent Enigma,
its doom-heavy atmosphere an ominous presence suspended over the
groundswell of what slowly develops into a fiery and overwhelmingly
powerful track that breathes the blackest of contaminants into its
ceremonial and ritualistic sacrificial density.


Price: 9.00€