Pressterror - Drrrrrrrressurection Of Suizidcore (12'LP)


Pressterror's Drrrrrrrressurection Of Suizidcore is one of the
first 12" releases on UK gabbergrind / speedcore label Legs Akimbo, the
presence of whom should give you a decent idea of what this German DJ
vomits out. With beats so fast and distorted that they turn into
streams of droning glitchery bordering on pure noise, Pressterror abuses
the listener with his raw, utterly violent strain of electronic music,
one that bears almost zero resemblance to the hardcore techno that
originally spawned this sort of stuff. These eight tracks shift
violently between the hypnotic blur-blast of splittercore style glitch
and migraine-inducing speedcore beats, with endless horror movie
samples, echoing screams, and other assorted sounds of agony swirling
all around the extreme hyperspeed rhythms. No real vocals to speak of,
barely any distorted synth sounds, no sinister melodies, just
relentless drill-tone noise, splattery drum breaks and fucked up
hyperspeed programming that makes even the most ferocious digital
grindcore bands and Bloody Fist-endorsed speedcore sound tame by
comparison. There are huge chunks of this record that drop off into an
abyss of sadistic electronic noise and disturbing German-language
samples manipulated into hellish screams and bizarre gibberish, like a
symphony of droning, skipping Cds backed by the shrieks of torture
victims. The first three tracks on the a-side are Pressterror originals,
followed by his remix of the track "Armee Der Toten" by German
speedcore / noise producer Disco Cunt. The second side has another two
lengthy original tracks, and two remixes of material from the "Nekro
Tekno" outfit Hatewire. These latter tracks are the most ferocious as
bits of what sound like black metal guitars and dentist drills and
intense, pissed-off devil-shrieks are smeared across the blasting
rhythms. This 12" is possibly the most extreme record we picked up from
Legs Akimbo - if this is dance music, it's dance music for a party where
PCP-fueled psychotics flail around with meat cleavers, fists wrapped in
barbed-wire and bags of ketamine, and everyone is out for blood...

Limited to two hundred seventy-five copies, packaged in a plain black Dj sleeve.


Price: 20.00€