Moloch / Nocturnal Depression - split 10"MLP

Moloch (Ukr) / Nocturnal Depression (Fra) split 10"MLP
Limited to 500 copies. 10" black vinyl with inlay.
Obscure Abhorrence Productions (Germany).

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION side: Track "Høst". Version of 2015 recorded during “Spleen Black Metal” session. Original found on “Four Seasons to a Depression” (2006).

MOLOCH side: Track "Ornamente des Todes (Ornaments of Death / Орнаменти Смерті)"ю All Guitars (Lead, Rhythm, Acoustic), Bass (Acoustic, Distorted) and Vocals recorded at S.o.h.D. studio (Ukraine). Drums recorded at BeastCave Studio (Italy). All music and lyrics written & recorded between Autumn/Winter 2015-2016. Mixing at Abgrund-Tonstudio (Germany) in February 2016. Mastered at Black-Square-Music-Studio (Finland) in March 2016.

Front cover artwork Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) ‘Death and Life”.

Price: 15.00€