Space Drone Noise from Ukraine.
Limited to 22 copies in hand-made/painted black package with A4 insert.
1.44 Mb (512b/sector) 3'5" diskette includes 1 WMA audio file, 02:54 minute/32Kbps/701Kb.
Floppy Noise Records.

p.s. Diskette color can be various.


"You remember the sound of airplanes in the sky on a midsummer’s
Right at the moment that you are drinking a cold beverage in the
sun on the soft green grass with a friend, these iron birds with their
zooming engines will fly by to gather your attention.
They have been
there since we have born and are so used to see and hear them high up
the sky,
that we are normally hardly aware of these things poisoning our
clean airspace.
Next to soft breezes, birds and waving tree’s there is
also the sound of passing airplanes that I would include in the sound
description of a summers day. That’s how bad and how used we got to
these sounds hovering above our head, camouflaging the blue sky with
their white trails of poison.
It isn’t that bad as I believe in a weird
way the sound is actually pretty nice.
Probably not when you are
standing next to a flying airplane’s engine, but hey who can do that

Why this chat about airplanes when the review info clearly says that
this should be about  a nice floppy disk release? Well the thing with
the musical content on this release is that to my ears it has somehow
captured this ‘special’ summer sound and got rid of all the birds,
breezes and waving tree’s. It seems to have filtered the essence of
these flying objects from a chilling out kind of distance. These sounds
are highly re-edited and placed in a galore of relaxing content. You
even might call it ambient! Although the label itself supplies the terms
‘Space’ ‘Drone’ ‘Noise’ for your reference.

These tones are waving through each other creating warm and full
harmonies that softly hoover around your living room. It goes along in a
mesmerizing tempo which gives the listener a stretched out feeling of
indeed spacy-ness. This music wouldn’t be out of place somewhere in an X
files episode, with its intriguing harmonies and dark undertones.

This music comes in a spacious package, including some kind of star
field and an interesting description with cryptic formula’s how these
sounds are really generated.  Of course this got nothing to do with
airplane engines in the sun and the ambientification of it all, but I
guess the technical side is more for the die-hard space fan. That this
is the result of an experiment is an ‘extra’, concerning that it is
actually nice music to chill and space out too."

Price: 8.99€