ex-Сектор Газа ‎– Пофигизм И Здравый Смысл (TD Records)

Punk Metal  !

Sektor Gaza (Russian: Сектор Газа, translated both as Gas Sector and Gaza Strip) was a Russian punk rock band from Voronezh, founded in 1987 by Yuri Klinskikh.
Despite having only semi-officially existed due to their obscene
lyrics, the group remains popular in Russia today. The group name was
taken from an eponymous industrial district of Voronezh, itself named
for high levels of environmental contamination. Their music style could
be defined as Russian punk, integrated with elements of different
musical genres such as rock, rap, and Russian folk.[1]

In 1994, Sektor Gaza released Kashchey Bessmertnyi (Kashchey the Immortal), a punk-opera based on a famous Russian fairy tale featuring the titular evil protagonist.
On this album, Klinskikh performed original lyrics to songs by popular
groups such as AC/DC, Queen, Ace of Base, and Nirvana. The album ranked
in the top 10, and journalists called Sektor Gaza "a young promising
group from the back of beyond".

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