Primal Beast - Extinction: The Album, The Experience

DS289: Primal Beast - Extinction: The Album, The Experience
Dungeon Synth / Dark Ambient from USA.
Tape limited to 66 copies with 2 sided pro-cover.
Depressive Illusions Records.

Description taken from band bandcamp:

Deep in the dusty recesses of a historic library an audio cassette tape has been found. It's origin is unknown. This tape claims to capture the last day of the dinosaurs through "an auditory experience like no other". This tape was leaked to me through the library curator and has been digitally uploaded for your listening convenience. Strap in and prepare for the journey if you dare... (

Track 1: It is the dawn of the final day of the dinosaurs. In a coastal forest the behemoth beasts begin their day as usual, unaware of the terror yet to unfold...

Track 2: A young albertosaurus is on the hunt. He wounded an edmontosaurus yesterday and has been tracking it down. He finds his poor prey and gives chase. After a long run and a short struggle the mighty carnivore begins to devour its prey. Unfortunately it's meal is cut short as it hears a larger, older predator roar in the distance. The albertosaurus continues its run through the jungle, this time running for its own life.

Track 3: There is an odd feeling in the jungle today, almost as if the trees themselves know what is about to happen. A rainstorm begins just in time to intensify the ominous mood.

Track 4: The thunderstorm escalates. A lone parasaurolophus is separated from its herd. It cries out to find its friends. Poor parasaurolophus.

Track 5: There is a short respite in the storm. If the dinos only knew what was coming...

Track 6: Hell lets loose. Not a single dino will survive...or will they? 

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