Nirvikalpa Samadhi - The Moon as His Crown

cut 3697: Nirvikalpa Samadhi - The Moon as His Crown
Dungeon Synth / Dark Ambient from GREECE.
Tape limited to 66 copies with 2 sided pro-cover.
Depressive Illusions Records.

And the Night rests alone in her veiled temple of Eternity
Between the first and the last Nothingness, the Ascetic's flower blossoms in silence.
A Mystic's journey to Self realization and Spiritual Awakening.
A transcendence of this mortal coil through Methexis with the Divine.
The Immersion in bliss and the everlasting intoxication of Spiritual Ecstacy.
A highest Samadhi of pure consciousness.
This is the Art of Nirvikalpa Samadhi.
Music Symphonies and Chants for Spiritual transformation.
Walking the path of the Immortal Gods, the Devayana.
Entering the Realm of "Devayanic Music", the sphere of Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

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