Moloch “Abstrakter Wald” Microcassette (brown craft paper inlay)

Moloch “Abstrakter Wald” Microcassette
Atmospheric Dark Ambient from
Ukraine. The microcassette format furthers the experience with a
distinctly lo-fi interpretation of this analogue live recording, adding
tape saturation and hiss to the genre-bending compositions, ultimately
twisting them into a new creation altogether. Recorded in standard speed
of 2.4 cm/s on 60min higher fidelity “Type IV Ferrum, i.e. coated with
pure metal particles rather than oxide. Limitation unknown, but all
copies are hand-humbered. Microcassette comes with brown eco craft paper
pro-printed insert in clear hardshell case. Lánd-Væt-Turr Records.

Price: 7.00€