Jane Pilgrim - Blackberry Farm (2xTAPE's Audiobook)

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Blackberry Farm is a series of children's literature
stories. They were written by Jane Pilgrim, and first published around
1950. The original books were illustrated in colour by F. Stocks May.
Published by the Brockhampton Press of Leicester, they originally retailed at One Shilling and Sixpence.

The series described events on a fictional farm, Blackberry Farm, situated on the outskirts of an unnamed English village. The farm, seemingly a sheep
and dairy property, is owned by Mr and Mrs Smiles, who have two
children, Joy and Bob, but the central characters of the stories are
various animals. Most of the animals, although depicted at their normal
size, appear to speak English and interact with the human characters.

The series of stories include:

  1. Emily the Goat
  2. Rusty the Sheepdog
  3. Postman Joe
  4. Mrs Nibble
  5. Henry Goes Visiting
  6. Mother Hen and Mary
  7. Naughty George
  8. Mrs Squirrel And Hazel
  9. The Birthday Picnic
  10. Ernest Owl Starts A School
  11. The Adventures Of Walter
  12. Lucy Mouse Keeps a Secret
  13. Walter Duck and Winifred
  14. Mrs Nibble Moves House
  15. Christmas at Blackberry Farm
  16. Sports Day at Blackberry Farm
  17. Little Martha
  18. A Bunny in Trouble
  19. Hide and Seek at Blackberry Farm
  20. Poor Mr Nibble
  21. Snow at Blackberry Farm
  22. Mr Nibble Calls a Doctor
  23. Sam Sparrow
  24. Saturday at Blackberry Farm
  25. Mr Mole Takes Charge
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