Hrönir ‎– Mecânica

"Things are duplicated in Tlön; they simultaniously prohang to erase
themselves and to lose the particularitities, to forgets. The example of
the threshold is classic that lasted while it was visited by a beggar
and that it was lost of sight with his death. Centuries and centuries of
idealism had an influence in the reality. The object duplication is
common loss. Two people searchs a pencil; the first one finds and he
does not say nothing; the second finds a pencil not less real, however,
more adjusted to his expectation these secondary objects are called
Hrönir." Jorge Luis Borges.

Formed in december 2000, by Thelmo Cristovam and Túlio Falcão, in 2003, Lucas Alencar is invited to join the group.

Hrönir is a electroacoustic/concrete music, electroacoustic
improvisation, live electroacoustic and noise group from Pernambuco,

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