ENIGMA - Voyageur

Voyageur is a 2003 music album created by the German new age band Enigma. It is Enigma's fifth album.

Voyageur was considered to be Enigma's most different album
ever created, due to Enigma's drastic changes in sound as compared to
the previous four albums. The project's signature shakuhachi flutes, Gregorian chants and tribal chants found on the earlier albums were all but gone on Voyageur. Instead, most of the songs found on the album were more pop-oriented, such as "Voyageur", "Incognito", "Boum-Boum" and "Look of Today"; the latter of which interpolates the chorus of ABC's hit "The Look of Love". Michael Cretu described Voyageur's genre as "sophisticated pop". Only a few samples of previous works are retained; a familiar reversed cymbal rhythm appears in "Look of Today", while "Incognito" contains the chorus of previous hit "Sadeness" buried in the bridge of the song. The "Enigma foghorn" also appears at the opening of the record.

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