Skyforest "Aftermath"

cut 1774: Skyforest "Aftermath"
Atmospheric Black Metal in the best traditions of GRIS, AUSTERE, WOODS OF DESOLATION, GERM...
Included member of Blackened Angel, Germ, Ilium, ex-Austere, ex-Dungeon, ex-Grey Waters, ex-Battalion, ex-Black Reign, ex-Lord, ex-Nazxul, ex-Paindivision, ex-Pestilential Shadows, ex-Rift, ex-Simon Polhill, ex-Woods of Desolation, ex-Kinstrife & Blood, ex-Baal Gadrial and Annorkoth.
Cassette with 2 sided color pro-cover limited to 100 copies.
Depressive Illusions Records.

Price: 7.99€