The DEMIURGKH "Unholy Ceremony" RED PRO-TAPE

Proto Satanic Black Metal under total influence of the 60'ies Church Of Satan movement!

Revealing in trickery of the daemons, dancing the infernal waltz of
the wicked, and scorning the shimmering throne of Tetragrammaton in the
paradise above, comes that dual decadence of horned hope, the entity
known only by whispers of The Demiurgkh. Hailing from the bloody lands
of Ukraine in the age of 2020, this entity is formed by She, Who Summon
the Demons and He, Who Pray the Devil.

Unholy Ceremony is a curious fusion of black metal, psychedelic doom
and lo-fi proto satanic punk penetration. A chugging beast of fuzz fumes
and dissonant power chord putridity, one made even more potent by the
eerie vocal orations that possess the stripped down tomb soundscape;
snarling rasps, choral worship and schizophrenic voices from beyond the
grave to swallow the sanity of the listener whole.

Those unfamiliar with The Demiurgkh and the daemonic preachings it
plys, should seek out this incantation and experience the joy of ritual
orgy for themselves, as the rhythm of the rancid takes morality into its
range of ruin. The flames grow higher. The pentagram spins faster. The
blood tastes sweeter.

Import item from The DEMIURGKH.

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