V/A - VOX MORTUS compilation 2

Black Metal Compilation

A1     –Soils Of Fate     Blunted On Reality    
A2     –Nefarium (2)     Subiectus Daemonis    
A3     –Putrid Flesh     Virus Of Darkness    
A4     –Abhor     In The Sign Of Alnaza    
A5     –Mutala     What Hates Will Kill    
A6     –Secrets Of The Moon     Saila    
A7     –Mincer     Affective Abuse    
A8     –Burial Place     Into The Dark Lagoon    
A9     –Necrobiosis (2)     Bloodsoaked Shrouds    
A10     –Infernal Goat     Cruel Message Of Blood    
A11     –Ossarium     Krist In Pain    
B1     –Triumphator (3)     My Throne Is Your Throne    
B2     –Malvento     Porta    
B3     –Penis Leech     Altered Genetic Structure    
B4     –Bestial Devastation     War Blood    
B5     –Deivos     Praised By Generations    
B6     –Undead Orchestra (2)     An Eternal Malediction    
B7     –Excarnated     Let The Hatred Manifest    
B8     –A Sorrowful Dream     One Rose In A Dream    
B9     –Krvestreb     Klitoris    
B10     –Mysteriis (6)     L.S.D.    

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