V/A - An Eternal Kingdom Of Fire Vol.3

Licensed distribution from Ancient Cult Records & Aniquilacion Satanica Producciones.
Cassette with true underground xeroxed cover .

Compilation incl:

A1    Sardonic Witchery–    O Circulo Das Bruxas Perversas
A2    Slav–    The Presence
A3    Kvele–    Morbid Prayer
A4    Mørk Katastrofe–    Beyond True Misanthropic Isolation
A5    Necroratory–    A Vérvonal
A6    Hell Fury–    Your Kingdom Burn In Oblivion
B1    Black Vice–    Vision
B2    Suffering–    Suicide For Satan
B3    Sedit–    Az Arnyak Foldjén
B4    Cadaveric Possession–    Crucified The Angels
B5    Diabo–    Diabo
B6    Witchcraft–    Necrobestiality
B7    Astarium–    Overthrow Into The Cocytus

Price: 7.99€