V/A - An Eternal Kingdom Of Fire Vol.2

Licensed distribution from Ancient Cult Records & Aniquilacion Satanica Producciones.
Cassette with true underground xeroxed cover .

Compilation incl:

A1    Necrohell (3)–    Kingdom Of Sodoma
A2    Ceremonial Torture–    Battlestorm Under His Majesty's Triumph
A3    Winterfullmoon–    Servant Of Evil
A4    Nefarious Dusk–    Cold Shadows Over Transylvania Part VI
A5    Funeral Fullmoon–    Nokturnal Prayer
A6    Arcanum Mortifer–    Dark And Perverse Ritual
B1    Unholy Impaler–    Black Disciples
B2    Feretrum (4)–    Endless War
B3    Artisian–    God Turned His Face Away
B4    Mysteriis (7)–    Metal Medallo
B5    Goat Vengeance–    The Goat Massacre
B6    Tzelmoth–    Subita Tenebrae
B7    Pacto Amén–    El Fuego De Los Dioses

Price: 7.99€