Moloch / Voidstar - split (download scratch card)

Originally comes with each Moloch / Voidstar - split Picture 12'LP vinyl, but some copies of this FREE DOWNLOAD SCRATCH-CARDs also spreaded individually.

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Moloch Side: Cold and Atmospheric
Dark Ambient from Winter Carpathian lands. A journey to the forgotten
place of the lost spirits, where the mighty Unknown is not abstract
concept, but rather a permeating experience far away from human world
and broken reality. Toward eternity. To the lonely place to die... For
fans of MORTIIS (Era l), VOND and old BURZUM. Recorded on
Reel-to-reel/open-reel [audio] tape recorder in pseudo-Stereo-mode
somewhere in the woods of Carpathia by Sergiy Fjordsson between
Autumn-Winter 2012-2014 (Ukraine). All sounds represent a
real-time-recording, along with background sounds of the open place and
atmosphere/effect of the place acoustics.

Voidstar Side: A journey into Dark and Harsh Ambient sounds,
reflections of a equally harsh illness. Sonified into three tracks:
"Avenue de France", "Six Months can be a long time" and "Spiral
Depression". Recorded by Philip Jespersen (Switzeland).

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