CHUMBAWAMBA - Readymades and then some

The albums samples heavily from old-time British folk music recordings,
and though all its songs are political, if you don't read the album's
liner notes you can just enjoy the songs as well-crafted, danceable,
lovely songs. "Salt Fare, North Sea" contains beautiful piano, "Jacob's Ladder"
features danceable reoccuring horns, and "Home With Me" is the album's
best song and is featured prominently in the award-winning short film
"Suicide Tom" by filmmaker Dakota LaCroix. The song starts with a nice
lilt of a keyboard bumping along, female backing vocals, and goes into a
kind voice naming a series of great memories, and swells into the
chorus, "I sailed the seven seas...carved my love on trees...I brought
the whole world home with me...home with me." It's about always keeping
the good moments of life, in your head and in your heart, and it's

Price: 5.00€