DANNAGOISCHD - Emm dichda Ondrholz promo CD

- the ghost of the dark forest - is a project coming directly out of
the deep Alpine and Swabian woods. ”Emm dichdâ Ondrholz” (in the dense
brush-wood) features 16 tracks of ALPINE FOREST FOLK, telling tales in
ancient Swabian language about creatures living in darkest woods, with
all their legends, atmospheres and myths. The album carries a vast
variety if instruments and styles and also includes two video-clips. The
atmosphere spreads between melancholy, tradition and pure forest life.
Dreamy songs are mixed with dark and natural (sound)tracks, as well as
with more folky tunes. ”Emm dichdâ Ondrholz” is a perfect trip to the
misty fir tree forests. Feel the rustling of the trees, the burning of
fires, the ghosts and creatures around you… Meet wild animals, feel the
aura of the woods and sink into a unique forest atmosphere. All lyrics
on the album are written in deep Swabian dialect and the album was
mastered by Axel Frank (Werkraum/ Sturmpercht) at the Blue Lounge
Studios in Berlin / Germany. Dânnâgôischd is a project of Waldwuudz,
alias cz (Vinterriket / Atomtrakt / Nebelkorona / Battle Dagorath /
Nocternity / Sturmpercht...). 16 songs / 58 min. (+ 2 videos)



Schnei wmm Fiidlâ

Wildsei / Wildwäggsl

Dod’de Wuudzlâ

D’Figgs emm Oggdobr

Price: 6.00€