WITCHTIGER - Warlords of destruction (2004-2014) DIGIPACK

Heavy True Metal from Finland.
DIGIPACK with boklet.

Side project of members of: See also:
Goatsodomy, Satanic Torment, ex-Eternal Mind, ex-Monkey Mush, ex-Presence, ex-Sacrificial Dagger, ex-Evoked Curse, ex-Devil Lee Rot, ex-Pagan Rites, ex-Seventh Sight, ex-Tristitia, ex-Angel Goat, Necrostuprum, Satanic Torment, ex-Anxious Death, ex-Pater Noster, ex-Slugathor, ex-Evoked Curse, ex-Azazel.

Slava Productions.

Price: 12.00€