ВОЛЧЬЯ СОТНЯ - Печаль Ангела

The debut album by the melodic heavy metal band VOLCHYA SOTNYA (Russia).
The album will please the fans of both the classics of the genre and
the modern rendition of the style. Each song has its own catchy melody,
symphonic arrangements and the inserts of acid keys, while the lyrics in
Russian will delight listeners with the basic concept of the album:
people are the fragile chess pieces on the board, they crumble under the
strokes of misfortune, pass into nothingness, lamented only by the
White Angel watching from the sidelines. Song “Ragnarok” will sweepingly
draw you into the atmosphere of symbolism of the end of days and the
beginning of times. With “The Choice is Yours” you will stand one versus
all. Life-affirming “Go to Your Dream!” will encourage optimism and
self-confidence. “Burn to a Frazzle” will help to understand who is your
friend and

Price: 5.00€