Staind - Chapter V

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Chapter V is the fifth studio album from American rock band Staind.
It was released on August 9, 2005, debuted at number 1 with first week
sales of 185,000 copies, and has spawned 1 big hit single along with
three moderately successful singles on rock radio.[1] Its first single "Right Here" was the most successful at both rock and pop stations and it was used in a video package by World Wrestling Entertainment commemorating wrestler Edge after he won his first WWE Championship. "Falling" and "Everything Changes" have also been released with accompanying videos.

Lead singer Aaron Lewis has stated that he thinks 'Chapter V is the best record the band has released to date',[2] and the album continues the evolution from the messages on 14 Shades of Grey
to messages of hope and uncertainty. It also showcases a heavier side
to the band on selected tracks (reminiscent of some content on Dysfunction),
and emphasizes a balance between both style of the band's sound. The
album includes a track called "Paper Jesus" targeted at record company
executives who idolize money instead of music and "Reply", an open
letter replying to fan mail that Aaron Lewis and the rest of the band
have received over the years (the original version can be found on the
Special Edition).

Since its release, it has sold 1,200,000 copies in the United States and 1,500,000 worldwide. However, it marked Staind's lowest debut so far in the UK,
at number 112. All the same, it was regarded as one of the most
anticipated albums of the year in the U.S. before its release. A special
edition, with five bonus tracks, an extra booklet and a DVD was
released several months later. Even after a full year, it remained
fairly consistent on the Billboard 200. Aaron Lewis has said in relation
to this in the booklet of the Special Edition of the album: "Having
three straight number one albums was a nice big fuck you to a lot of
people who have slagged us. Nobody can ever take away that fact."

Staind have promoted the album by allowing selected fans to preview
it on their tour bus, and touring after its release for a whole year,
including mini tours to Australia and solo tours across Europe, as well as the famous Fall Brawl Tour with Flyleaf, Taproot and P.O.D. The band have also toured with 3 Doors Down, Hurt, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, and Seether (later cancelled) across the United States to promote the album.

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