Negativeaidguerrilla Realm - Vanitopia

[ Comment ]

1st EP of Japanese doom duo Nagativeaidguerrilla Realm. This EP is
including only 1 song but it's about 27 minutes epic. They don't have
drums and vocals, but it's not drone doom with torturing repetitive
ultra heavy riffs. "Tranquility" with long tone chord riffs,
"Aggression" with intense fast passages. Mixing both tranquility and
aggression, they are creating majestic atmospheric epic for doomed mind.

[ Biography ]

In 2005, they started as solo project of KNJ who had played in
grind/death band Discrete Corporality, raw black metal band Meridian
Pain, etc... The project was started as recording only project, but in
2006 RHI(ex-Change,ex-Intifada) joined and they started to play live as
guitar/bass 2 piece band. In the end of 2006, they played 1st show,
which was recorded and released as "3hand Path" live tape and spread
very a few copies.

In 2007, they appeared on 4-way split CD with Candid, Intraum, and
Congenital Hell, which was released by Japanese Bloodbath Records. The
track on the 4-way was recorded only by KNJ. Then they released "The
Antenna Recieves The Paranoid Wave", which is first release as duo. In
the Summer of 2007, they organized the gig called Sheer Mountain in
their local town Onomichi/Hiroshima. Funeral Moth, Intraum, Penis Wing
And People played for that gig.

22008 was dark age for them. They suffered equipment troubles many time
and couldn't be active so much. After many trial and error, they found
their own style they are playing now.

They released 2nd demo "Thy Must Know Our Pain" in 2009. They organized
the gig agin and played with Agnus Dei,People,Non Fiction Love Story,
and Shuly. They started the recording of 1st EP Vanitopia, but it wasn't
finished within 2009.

In Spring of 2010, they finished to recording 1st EP "Vanitopia".
Mastering done by Mr. Suda of LM srudio who is recording Corrupted
albums. Again they organized the gig and played with Agnus
Dei,Redrum,Shuly To 104Kz, and Zenocide. Then finally they release 1st
EP "Vanitopia" in early 2011.

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