MOONWAY - My 7even

"My 7even" is the first full-length CD of the
Belarusian band MoonWay. This half-instrumental album consists of seven
tracks. The music is melodic and filled with the elements of symphonic
sections, tough guitar riffs, extreme vocals and melodic female vocals.
The album title, “My 7even”, symbolizes luck, "we create our own success
by ourselves" – we can see the hands of the creator on the album’s
cover. Cover concept was embodied by a Connor’s business partner, Leona -
pencil drawing treated with color - and symbolizes the creativity of
the band - a clean sheet of paper with a header.

Mixing and mastering were made in Voronezh at Dark Gift Studio by Vladimir 'DarkElf' Prokhozhaev.

Price: 8.00€