The new seventh album by Bog-Morok (Rybinsk). The band continues the
development of its individual and almost unclassifiable style which can
tenuously be referred to asindustrial metal.The variety of vocal styles
(from screaming and growling to harsh and clean singing), the elements
of groove and heavy-metal, trip-rock, djent,nu-metal, trance-core and
other styles naturally complement to the consistent canvas – now dark,
then aggressive and angry or melancholic and depressive. 9 songs to the
length of 40 minutes of massive and intense music narrate on the dying
and abandoned industrial cities and residential areas, on slave labor in
the service of reinforced concrete monsters, on spiritual emptiness and
the search of any single reason for existence in our agonizing world.
The lyrics traditionally include the verses of such poets as T.S. Eliot,
P. Levine and the others.With this album the band completes the cyclus
opened with the CD “Inevitability” and continued on “Industrialypse”.
It’s a reinterpretation of the whole musical experience of the band that
brings out the best of its achievements so far. “Seven” will definitely
gladden the old fans and attract the new listeners looking for
unordinary and truly original music.

Price: 9.00€